Friday, August 30, 2013

Films in Which Men Think They Can Mold a Woman

Isn't this every man's dream? To be able to create the perfect woman? This sculptor is trying and I think he's accomplished his goal. But I'll bet he can't do the same with the little woman at home.

I've selected three films in which men are trying to do this very thing - create the perfect woman.

How about Professor Henry Higgins trying to mold Eliza Dolittle into a duchess in My Fair Lady. He succeeds in the end, but Eliza gets the last laugh. She gets her man and probably a much better life than if she hadn't been molded.

For a real treat, check out Judy Holliday in Born Yesterday. In this film, her gruff and uncouth boyfriend (Broderick Crawford) doesn't do the molding himself. He hires a tutor for her (William Holden) to do the molding for him.

And finally the greatest molder of them all - James Stewart in Vertigo. Because of his odd obsession with Madeleine, he wants to transform Judy to resemble Madeleine (don't ask, see the movie!). He does a great job of transforming her. I can't tell you what happens next, just in case you haven't seen this film.


Enjoy these three moldy films and let me know which man is the best at creating the perfect woman. Or  tell me if you have another choice for a film to fit this theme.

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Prisons you would not want to find yourself in

Remember going to Knotts Berry Farm and going to the Ghost Town Jail where you would secretly tell Sad Eye Joe to tell something funny to one of your unsuspecting friends or relatives. Ha Ha. We used to laugh for hours about the look of surprise on their face when Joe would say something like "Hi Gil, I hear you're visiting all the way from Chicago. Do you want to come in and share my cell". Or something like that.

That's when jails were fun. But how about some movies about prisons that aren't so fun. Here are the three worst prisons in films (my votes for the worst, that is), maybe you have other choices.

From 1932 I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang starring Paul Muni. This is one of those unfair, hopeless kinds of prison films that just make you want to punch out every bad guy in the prison.


An even worse prison is the one Steve McQueen finds himself in the 1973 film Papillon. It's another one of those hopeless, helpless situations that just keep you squirming in your seat. Dustin Hoffman is wonderful in this film - Remember his super, thick glasses?

This is one of the best worst prison films you'll ever have the misfortune of seeing. This is a scene from the film that is so chilling. You'll never smuggle drugs again after you see this. The film is Midnight Express from 1978 and stars Brad Davis

I'd say "enjoy these films" but none of them are exactly enjoyable. But they sure are good. They're just the best of the worst prison films. One interesting note is that all of these films are based on true stories.

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