Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Weather in Film

I was watching a film the other night which gave me an idea for this month's Cimilar Cinema. I've decided to do this post about weather in film.

This is the film that I recently saw. It's Rain with Joan Crawford and Walter Huston. This 1932 classic is about religion, redemption and rain, lots of rain. Joan plays the prostitute, Sadie Thompson, Huston plays the hard nosed missionary. It's a wonderful film, I think my favorite role for Joan Crawford. You can watch the entire film here. See what you think.

The next film, The Wind, I saw quite a while ago. It's one of the most depressing and suffocating films you'll ever want to see. It was filmed in 1928 and the cinematography is absolutely amazing.
Lillian Gish stars in this film that deals with human suffering. I suffered all the way through it! But it's so interesting to see. It was the last silent film from MGM.

Here's another film I suffered through because it was so depressing. But it's so good at the same time. The acting is phenomenal and the weather scenes are fantastic. The film is Ice Storm, directed by Ang Lee and stars Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver and Elijah Wood. It has a nice Mad Men quality to
it because of the 1970s atmosphere. The film is about relationships, family and ice, lots of ice.

Have I missed any other weather films? I thought of Twister, but I've never seen it so wasn't sure whether to include it or not. But it sure works for the category.

Stay tuned for next month's post where I will focus on films about... (Oh, I don't want to tell you now and spoil the surprise).