Monday, January 6, 2014

3 reasons not to become a filmmaker

Did you say you wanted to give it all up and go to film school? Think again. Think seriously. This is a very bad mistake.

Here are three examples of why you should never become a filmmaker.

The following are documentaries that will surely scare you away.

First we have Heart of Darkness, about the making of Apocalypse Now. After you see what Francis Ford Coppola went through, you will tear up your film school application into a million little pieces.

Here's another documentary that will make you grateful that you're in some humdrum job and not out on location somewhere working on an impossible film like Fitzcarraldo. This one is called Burden of Dreams. Watch it and I guarantee that your dreams of becoming a filmmaker will be dashed.

And if those two examples aren't enough, try this one. It's called Lost in La Mancha and is about the making of Terry Gilliam's dream film about Don Quixote. It's an absolute nightmare. The previous two films actually got made, but Gilliam's never did.

Now you're cured right. Say after me three times "I never want to go to film school!"