Saturday, December 6, 2014

She's Just Not That Into Him

Last month I wrote about men who just weren't that into their women. Examples of the films were Madame Bovary, A Place in the Sun and The Heiress. The three women in these films were all jilted by their lovers. So now we need to get even, don't we? The following films all include women who jilt the men. 

This is Claudette Colbert in all her wedding finery right before her wedding. You can tell she's not very happy. She's marrying the wimpy pilot who actually flies what looks sort of like a helicopter to the middle of the estate where the wedding's taking place. Ellie (Claudette) makes her way all the way to the alter but at the last minute bolts to a waiting car and a waiting, handsome Clark Gable. I love the scene where she's running across the grass with her filmy veil flying in the wind.

A very similar scene happens in The Graduate. Katherine Ross is also right at the alter when she hears Dustin Hoffman yelling from the choir loft of the church. She screams, "Ben!!" and then also bolts and ends up with Ben (Dustin) in a bus which carries them away to...not sure where.

Julia Roberts is the quintessential Runaway Bride. She doesn't appear to be into anyone, having made several trips to the alter, only to make her getaway. Until, of course, she meets Richard Gere.

Have I forgotten any jilters? Do you have a favorite? I was also thinking of Sabrina - she doesn't actually make it to the alter. But she does jilt William Holden, so I guess that counts.