Saturday, September 28, 2013

Films in Which Body Parts Play an Important Part

You'd think there would be lots more movies about body parts. I thought of three but I'm sure there are more. If you can think of some, leave a comment below about your favorite body part movie.

Here are my three picks:

Gap-Toothed Women by Les Blank. This film is from 1987 and focuses on the benefits or problems that diastematic (I learned a new word!) women have with the gap between their front teeth. How esoteric is that? Lauren Hutton is featured in the film as well as others who display this feature. I'm not sure how you can see this whole film. Netflix doesn't have it. But you can go to Les Blank's website and order a copy. I also noticed some are for sale on Amazon, but pretty expensive. Maybe just seeing the trailer will be enough for you.

Here's an academy award winning body part movie. It's from 1989, directed by Jim Sheridan and starring the amazing Daniel Day-Lewis. The film is My Left Foot, The Story of Christy Brown. Lewis won his first Oscar for this film and Brenda Fricker, playing Brown's mother won Best Supporting actress. It's a wonderful film, not easy to watch, but very inspiring.

So far we have teeth and feet, how about hands? The most famous set of hands in film belong to none other than Edward - Edward Scissorhands, that is. I absolutely loved this film when I first saw it. And who wouldn't like Johnny Depp in any movie? He was amazing in this one. I can't even imagine what he went through with those scissors strapped to him for all of his scenes. I read somewhere that he dated Winona Rider during the filming and had "I Love Winona" tattooed (not sure where), but when they broke up, he had the tattoo changed to "I Love Wine". Ha. What a guy.

Those are the three October selections just in time for Halloween. Get it? Body Parts, Halloween.