Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to Cimilar Cinema

Why Cimilar Cinema, you might ask. Let me explain. This blog is a film club that views three movies a month which are similar for various reasons. You'll get the idea once we get started. It's going to be fun. 

Wouldn't you love to be a member of a film club where you don't have to go to someone's house and bring some food and have to be sociable? That's what Cimilar Cinema is all about. You can join and enjoy the films in the comfort of your own home with or without other people.

This club is for film buffs who would like to watch and comment about films and be a part of a community of like-minded film snobs.

We'll get together once a month and I'll assign three films (at the first of each month) for you to watch. Then you can order the films from your usual place of ordering films - Netflix, local library or video store. Or you can purchase films if you're really rich or if you want to add a film to your collection, from Amazon (see below), Movies Unlimited, or wherever you purchase films. You can sometimes find real bargains at  You'll have a whole entire month to watch them. When you feel ready, you can make your comments. You might want to wait to read the comments until you've seen all three films. We don't want any plots spoiled, do we?

Calendar from Meggy Moos Gifts

Since this is just a blog and not a college class - you can join whenever you'd like. To join just become a follower of this blog (see sidebar). You don't have to attend meetings, you're not graded and you don't have to watch a set of films you're not interested in. There's no roll call and no rules.

Just try to be kind to other members in the comments section. No swearing, judging or name calling.

O.K. Are you ready? Here is the theme for October


(Why this theme - it's in honor of the film that came out last month called "Buried" which was entirely filmed inside a coffin/box.) And also because it's the month of Halloween and these films are all a little creepy, scary and very claustrophobic.

You'll have all this month to watch and then comment whenever you feel the need. In the meantime I will add posts that may or may not have anything to do with claustrophobia, but will have something to do with film. So you can check in anytime to see what's happening on Cimilar Cinema.

1. The Exterminating Angel by Luis Bunuel 

2. Woman in the Dunes by Hiroshi Teshigahara

3. Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen

You can order these films from Amazon if you want to own them.

Have fun watching these and be sure to comment. I'd love to know: 
1. Which film gave you the worst case of claustrophobia?
2. Which film did you like the most and which the least?  
3. Compare the Japanese style vs. the Mexican/Spanish style. 
Or anything else you'd like to talk about.  Can't wait to hear what you think of these choices. 


  1. Sounds great. I'm in. Congratulations on the site - it looks really good!!

  2. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for being the first member of Cimilar Cinema. Hope you enjoy the club. I'm looking forward to your comments.

  3. Oh, cool! 3 films I've never seen. I'm in. Guess I have to renew my netflix membership. :)

  4. thanks Robert,
    Are you going to watch the films? Would love to hear your comments.

  5. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for the compliment on the blog. I didn't know you cancelled Netflix. Maybe try the 1 at a time. it's so much cheaper and you have a whole month to watch. Can't believe you haven't seen any of these films. Think you're going to like them.

  6. Well, I've seen pieces of all of them (probably in a film school class) but never the full films. I know, I know... bad film school student, bad!

    I also just invited a bunch of film nerd friends, so hopefully we'll all get a lively discussion going!

  7. O.K. Everyone I've talked to hasn't had time to watch all 3 films. And I have to admit I only viewed one. So here are my comments about Das Boot.
    Wow - a great, great film. So depressing though. A wonderful antiwar message. Why is it that the poor grunts all have to get killed because the top brass sends them off on suicidal missions? Actually the submarine guys actually survived their suicide mission only to (oh I don't want to spoil the ending if you haven't seen the film yet.) But I do recommend this film highly.
    The characters in the film were so so gritty. Hard to believe they're actors. And speaking of acting - this film was chock full of great acting. As to claustrophobia - i really didn't get a case of it with this film. The submarine actually seemed sizable to me. Not as cramped as I thought it would be. My emotions were more frustration and horror. You'll have to see it.

  8. I finally got around to watching "The Exterminating Angel" today. LOVED IT! What an insane film. In the best kind of way. I was completely captivated. And indeed, it felt very claustrophobic. I think that might be one of my worst nightmares. I actually just saw "127 Hours" yesterday which could also be added to this film theme. While watching Buneul's film with Danny Boyle's film fresh in my mind, I wondered which scenario seemed worse and weirdly, it was Buneul's. Granted, being trapped alone in a cavern sounds like the worst nightmare ever BUT being trapped for days on end with a group of annoying snobby high society people in a surreal situation where you can't simply leave a room (with no reason why) seems far more anxiety-producing to me!

    I actually think Boyle borrowed some ideas and imagery from the Buneul classic and I think it would be interesting to compare/contrast the two.

    2 Thumbs up for "The Exterminating Angel." It had great social commentary (a look at the upper crust being reduced to savagery, followed by a little jab to religion), fantastic acting (I really did feel the character's panic, anxiety and frustration), and the mood and tone was spot on (no use of a score made it feel even more of a deary situation). Highly recommended!