Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ode to Photography

I've been thinking a lot about photography lately. About how easy it is these days to get such good shots with digital cameras, Iphone and Ipads. Wow, how times have changed. This led me to think about movies about photography.

I recently saw an interesting documentary about a New York photographer. You're going to love this one. It's called "Bill Cunningham New York":

Then go back to 1966 for the iconic photography film "Blow Up". This is Atonioni's first film in English. Starring David Hemmings as a hip London photographer, this is a mystery film which is solved in the dark room. It's worth a peak just to see the 1960s fashions.

The third film is not particularly about photography but the title itself fits with this theme. It's the 1955 film "I Am a Camera". Christopher Isherwood is played by Laurence Harvey in this film based on the Berlin Stories. Julie Harris is miscast as Sally Bowles, but it's interesting to see her really inadequate lip synching. You can watch the whole movie through You Tube.

Hope you enjoy the April selections.

If you're interested in seeing really good films and you live in the Oceanside area, check out the North County Film Club. 

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  1. Nancy, I saw Cunningham's film about fashion, unless I'm making that up, not the photograpy film, which I want to see because you inspire me to visit Scarecrow--the Seattle video store that has every film there is. I still remember Blowup--would like to see it again. I'll see "Julie Harris" when I get back to Seattle, and you in about an hour. Yay! Paula